Image: two sketchbooks with drawing tools and a pair of sunglasses

I host a free monthly sketchwalk, and teach monthly workshops here in St. Louis.

Image: an array of drawing tools laid out in the sunlight

When everyone I knew got tired about me rambling about paper quality, I started blogging.

Image: screencap of recent selections from my instagram feed, showing various recent sketches

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Image of the Urban Sketchers Amsterdam promotional animation

The USk Symposium in Amsterdam was my first Symposium, and now I’ve set my sights on Hong Kong

Image of a brown Tom Bihn Co-Pilot bag on the floor

My artistic EDC is constantly undergoing revision, but here’s the latest on what’s in my bag

Img of the author outside, wearing a gray hat and sunglasses

I’m a St. Louis-based Urban Sketcher who loves faces and places.