About Emmett

img of author in gray hat and sunglasses

I’m an artist based out of St. Louis, Missouri, USA who specializes in plein air and portraits (spaces and faces). The majority of my artwork falls under the Urban Sketchers umbrella. My first artistic influence and art teacher was my father, an interior designer. He taught me initial lessons in perspective, observational sketching, and how to draw placeholder trees in front of buildings.

I went on to minor in Studio Art during my undergrad, majoring in English/Creative Writing. Since then, I’ve somehow been unable to escape teaching and making art in various capacities. I’ve taught children and adults a variety of subjects, including 3D printing, animation, creative writing, video game design, and visual art. Right now, I’m focusing on classes about fountain pen art, including plein air and portrait sketching.

What and where are you teaching now?

Nowhere at present, due to the COVID-19 situation. Previously, I was offering classes through St. Louis Art Supply, a local art supply store in St. Louis. When/if classes start back up again, you can read more about them here.

How did you get started with Urban Sketching/plein air? What about portraits?

In short, I loved observational drawing during university, both landscapes and life drawing, and I found new and special ways to further connect with those areas after graduation. The long version of the story is here, complete with #throwback old sketches.

Do you do commissions? What about private lessons?

Yes! Contact me and let’s talk.